It’s time to stay warm and chic!

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Brr… iarna isi face simtita prezenta, cel putin in Viena unde frigul si-a facut de cap in ultima perioada, temperatura in termometre ajungand pana la -6 °C! De la primele ore ale diminetii, Viena prinde viata, in ciuda gradelor din termometre. Scopul unei zile friguroase este sa fii cat de stylish poti, dar in acelasi timp sa nu mori inghetata de dragul modei.


Prima idee pe care majoritatea o au atunci cand trebuie sa isi pregateasca outfitul perfect pentru a doua zi , este sa se imbrace ca o ceapa, adaugand straturi de haine pe ei (maieu, tricou,pulover cardigan etc), insa daca alegi materiale calduroase precum lana, atunci caldura corpului se va conserva: astfel iti va fi cald si vei arata si stylish pe deasupra.


Cea mai utila varianta de incaltaminte, in acest sezon, dupa parerea mea, sunt thigh high boots. Sunt foarte trendy si modelele variaza in functie de stilul tau, respectiv de tema outfit-ului pe care o ai in ziua respectiva.

Perfecte pentru acest sezon sunt si jacketele fluffy. Blanurile,cu cat sunt mai mari si mai pufoase, cu atat sunt mai calduroase. Ele pot fi purtate foarte casual cu blugii preferati si niste bocanci, insa daca vrei sa fii fancy , atunci pune blanita peste o rochie si gata,esti fabuloasa.

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Brr..the winter is getting real, at least in Vienna, where the cold fooled around lately, the temperatures dropping to -6°C! Early in the morning Vienna comes to life defying the bad weather. The goal on a cold day is to stay as stylish as you can but try not to become “frosty the snowman” just for the sake of fashion. The first idea that pops up in mostly everybody’s mind when they plan their outfit for the next day, is layering. We tend to put so many clothes on (undershirt,shirt,sweater,cardigan etc) just because we think this is the right way to keep us nice and warm, but if you choose the right natural fabrics such as wool, than the your body will conserve the heat. Wool is the best choice for cold weather and it’s obviously very stylish!


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The best shoes for this season, from my point of view, are the thigh high boots. This is a very trendy choice and it comes in a variety of models for a casual or fancy style.

The stars of this season are the fluffy jackets, “the bigger, the better”.You can wear them with your favourite jeans and boots or any sneakers for a casual look. If you want a fancy look, all you have to do is to throw it over a dress and you are ready to blow everyone’s mind being FABULOUS.


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5 Alte trucuri pentru a fi stylish and warm in acelasi timp:

  1. Poarta o “patura” la gat (cu cat fularul este mai mare, cu atat mai bine);
  2. Alege un model de incaltaminte cu platforma sau talpa groasa pentru a nu-ti ingheta picioarele;
  3. Nu rata oportunitatea de a purta o palarie din lana, mai ales daca afara ninge/ploua;
  4. Evita accesoriile voluminoase care sunt din metal, caci te vei transforma intr-un frumos om de zapada;
  5. Incepe-ti ziua cu un ceai cald, este perfect pentru zilele de iarna friguroase si monotone, plus ca o sa ai un vibe mai bun pe tot parcursul zilei.



5 More tricks that will keep you stylish and warm at the same time

  1. Wear a “blanket” around your neck. Big scarves are warm and lovely in the winter;
  2. Pick platform shoes instead of normal ones , to keep your feet from freezing;
  3. Don’t miss the opportunity of wearing a lovely woolen hat , especially if outside it’s snowing/raining.
  4. Avoid metal jewellery if you don’t want to become Olaf.
  5. Start your day with a lovely hot tea: it’s perfect for cold and tedious winter days and in addition your vibe for the rest of the day will sparkle.





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